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A staunch supporter of the fine wines made in New Jersey, The Gables Inn and Restaurant takes pride in the fact that winemaking has been part of life here since Colonial times. New Jersey wines began winning awards back in 1767, when the Royal Society of the Arts in London recognized two New Jersey vintners for their success in producing table wines of high quality.

The family-owned and run Bellview Winery in Landisville, NJ specializes in fine red and white wines made from grape varieties that are unique to the North Eastern United States: Vinifera (better known as "Old World" European grapes), French-American Hybrids, and sturdy Native American grapes. The results of the winemakers' care and dedication speak for themselves. The Gables Restaurant's wine list has been chosen carefully to provide the perfect complement for enhancing your dining experience.

Bring your favorite red and white wine or champagne to pair with our eclectic menu offerings. Let us know what wine you've brought and we will be happy to suggest menu pairings. For the fall season we are especially fond of the full bodied Italian Reds and the oaky California whites. Australian wines like Yellow Tail are still a popular choice, though we still look to France a celebratory bottle of champagne.

One note about champagne... Celebrate now, don't hold on to that special bottle, drink it within 2 to 2 1/2 years of purchase. Champagne is a living liquid with a short shelf life and unlike other wines (and some people) it does not improve with age. At the Gables we will chill your wine in silver ice buckets on a pedestal beside your table, provide champagne flutes, and pop the cork for your toast.

Locally grown organic produce, fruits, poultry and meat featured at The Gables Inn and Restaurant. Our Chef is committed to presenting the finest locally grown organic fruits and vegetables available throughout the season. Menu offerings regularly feature pork chops from the Niman Ranch, prided for raising their animals in a hormone- and antibiotic-free, humane environment. Organic, free-range chicken and eggs are also prepared at The Gables Inn and Restaurant.