Baby's Back in Town


Now things finally feel right again.

Don’t get me wrong.

We stewards of this precious Grand Old Lady treasure every detail of her body.

We were crushed to see some of her features charred by an Easter 2012 fire and then marred by Sandy.

We painstakingly and meticulously restored her to her natural authentic beauty, just as we did when we bought her in 2006.

We flaunted the results of her reconstructive surgery for 40 some days after the post-fire reopening.

Then Sandy hit and our Victorian mistress was back to her bare bones.

We again restored and redressed her, and reopened.

Her renewed majesty greeted customers who’ve become family and strangers we hope will become friends.

Great times and candlelit meals were again enjoyed amidst the warm ambiance that emanates from her 120-year-old soul.

We were again grateful, for her, and for the return of all the people she embraces.

But it seemed a little something was missing: a little piece of her heart.

The 1932 special edition Steinway babygrand piano that adorned her foyer and enchanted her guests had been away under the care of an expert specialist for 14 months since the fire.

The unique Steinway, nicknamed by one pianist as “The Butter Machine” for its ease of action and velvety tones, was finally released last week and returned home.

During the bustle of business this past Saturday night, I was stopped in my steps.

The music was wafting through The Gables like a fine perfume.

I just stood still for a split second, absorbing.

I finally felt like everything was right again.

And our Grand Old Lady seemed to have an even brighter glow about her.


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